A warm body and heart will naturally bring a smile to your face

A warm body and heart
will naturally bring a smile to your face

A warm bath, delicious food, a soft sofa, and cheerful music…
A warm body and heart will make you feel fulfilled.
Utatane offers special time to all of our guests. Please enjoy a happy, wonderful stay with us.


Utatane Time

Utatane is an environment where all people can freely spend special time.
There are as many ways to spend time at Utatane as there are people.
Please find your own way to spend special time at Utatane.

Leisure, mellowness,
and fancy-free—all of these feelings contribute
to important time.

Have fun together or relax alone.
Feeling at ease with your friends makes it possible to spend time as your true self.

You have a wonderful
past and a bright future.
The two of you will
always have a special bond.

Laughing about past measures, or feeling excited at the prospect of your first aesthetic treatment. Just spending time together makes you feel happy.

Message from an Onsen
(Hot Spring) Sommelier

Onsen Sommelier is a private license issued by the Onsen Sommelier Association.
Presenting messages from Onsen Sommeliers who are involved with the baths at Utatane!

縺翫・繧皇afe utatane

Hours: 10:00 AM to 9:00 AM the following day
TEL: 048-856-9899
Address: 4-179-3 Onari-cho, Kita-ku, Saitama-shi,
Saitama Prefecture 331-0815

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